Multimodal Transportation

Penta Freight with its network of Offices, Associates, Truckers and Vendors offer customers a tailor made solution using multimodal transport viz. Sea, Air, Road and Rail to:

Components include:

  • Security during transportation, including GPS and alarms
  • Site security
  • Standardized processes
  • Key performance indicator monitoring
  • Financial controls
  • IT capabilities
  • Reporting
  • Insurance

These capabilities ensure we meet your requirements for:

  • Handling substantial daily volumes
  • EDI connections
  • Tracking and tracing requirements
  • High-performance, quality and customer service needs
  • Special-delivery documentation
  • Rail Logistics

As a neutral rail freight forwarder, Penta Freight can provide you with access to best-in-class rail operators and a suite of quality services. We can also design and integrate the necessary logistics services, including packaging, cargo insurance, customs clearance - even complex projects, such as dismantling and reconstructing entire plants.

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