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Penta Freight Pvt Ltd. was incorporated in 1993 by a group of young professionals from the cargo industry with a view to provide their expertise and experience of freight forwarding industry to the export/import fraternity.

From a modest beginning, Penta Freight attained a ranking of one of the leading freight forwarders figuring in the top 10 of various airlines.

Penta Freight's corporate office is located in Mumbai, the commercial / financial city of India. Penta Freight handles a variety of commodities and due to large volumes, they enjoy a very high rating with most of the airlines. Due to the transparency of Penta Freight's work ethos, high levels of service provided and the most competetive cost structures, have enabled them to consistently retain customer loyatly.


Penta Freight is conveniently located near the International Cargo Complex - the hub of International export & import activity. They have their own warehousing facilities located in close proximity to the Cargo Complex which can provide storage of all type of Cargo. The company owned trucks provide convenient pick-ups and delivery of cargo within the country.


Penta Freight has in it's work force, highly experienced and professional personnel, having the highest level of commitment and who believe in personalized service to their customers. They have the expertise to handle the most intricate of jobs in all areas of freight forwarding including documentation of all kinds. Our personnel are also certified to handle dangerous/hazardous goods.

Penta Freight has a network of associate forwarders across the globe, by which they are able to provide a total package of services from 'Door to Door' / 'Port to Port', whether it be export or import freight.






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